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Best to print these pensions for reading. The program sometimes puts them sideways and upside down when it converts to PDF.

Bloodough, Geroge H. Donated by Rose Crosier

Blowers, George W.
Brown, Amos, Part One, Part Two
Burgess, Edmund
Capridy, D.D. (Bounty Land)
Case, Frederick

Christman, James from Bruce Christman
Christman, Joseph from Bonney Tampkins of Pt St Lucie Florida
Cole, William T.

Eaton, Alfred G.
Ferguson, Willett (Captain) Company A-115th NY Volunteers
Hartman, John (152nd)
Hartman, John (97th)
Hiller, (Hillie, Hilly, etc.), William, died June 23, 1865
Isan, Frank, Part One, Part Two, Part Three G-G-Great Grandfather of James F. Morrison
Kelley, James C. (153rd) Killed in action.
Kelly, Michael Donated by Tracy Lawrence
Loomis, Russell. Application for Invalid Pension
Loucks, Moses
McKittrick, William H., killed in action 9/29/1864
Paddock, John Sylvester: Part One, Part Two, Part Three G-G-Great Grandfather of James F. Morrison
Reinhart, Peleg Donated by Carol Clemens
Sammons, Simeon (Colonel)
Wildar, David M.
Wildar, George L.
Winchell, Alexander, Part one, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

A Record of the Commissioned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of the Regiments which were Organized in the State of New York. Vol V. 1866

Muster Roll 32nd New York Volunteers, 31 May 1861. Download the photos and look at them full size on your computer. They were photographed 1/2 on each side, four photos. #1, #2, #3, #4. The photos are very legible if you view them at 100%.

Bounty Bond. Side one, Side two.

Furlough. Side one, Side two.

Civil War Letter.

The 115th New York in the Civil War, A Regimental History. by Mark Silo, 2007. (You can purchase the book on Amazon.)

The 115th Veterans 18th Reunion

153rd Reunion

The 115th 19th Reunion

Hardtack Dispatch Dec. 2009

Heitman's Historical Register by Francis B. Heitman, the most extensive coverage of Civil War Officers as well as every regular officer who served during the period of 1783 to 1903. It contains almost 20,000 brief biographies and service records of now obscure figures and synopsis info on the regular army units with a listing of Field Grade Officers and their service. Army organizations, strength, battles, actions, C.S. general officers and contract surgeons. Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve, Part Thirteen, Part Fourteen, Part Fifteen, Part Sixteen, Part Seventeen, Part Eighteen, Part Nineteen, Part Twenty, Part Twenty-one, Part Twenty-two, Part Twenty-three, Part Twenty-four, Part Twenty-five, Part Twenty-six.

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